Expand your Horizons with the unique
Mohanam Tourism Experience

With over two decades of experience, we have a tremendous amount of knowledge to impart to locals, visitors and travellers alike.

By sharing these experiences through our well-researched and practiced programs, you will be a catalyst in spreading and preserving village lore while engaging in the international community of Auroville and like-minded people with whom to share these unique experiences.
We would like to welcome you to our village and our centre to experience a unique insight into our rich heritage.

Feel free to contact us with any questions and bookings:
Phone: +91 8300949081


Sustain your wellbeing with our healthy food offerings.
Our restaurant supports and sustains village women who take great care over the preparation of delectable local food.
The Mohanam Village Restaurant is open daily for lunches, coffees and catering.
Our extra special offering is a healthy vegetarian (vegan option) Steamed Brunch every Sunday.
Cost Rs500 Bookings essential



Stretch your creative capacities through learning crafts.
There is a hub of small-scale manufacturers in the villages of Kottakarai, Alankuppam and Sanjeevinagar who ethically produce imaginative designs with a respect for quality and the preservation of the traditional craftsmanship.
Mohanam offers an incredible array of workshops and classes so that you can learn a new and we can bring awareness to the roots of our traditional handicrafts.
Scheduled and bespoke classes available in marbling & paper lampshades, candle making, and ceramics under the guidance of master craftspeople.
Contact us if you would like to make a special booking to work on a specific craft and we will accommodate you where possible.


Use this peaceful and vibrant environment to log into our wifi, use our restaurant and get your online work done.
Mohanam has a workplace for you away from the noise and the crowds, where you have access to wifi as well as coffee, tea, snacks and meals.
Book an hour, a half day, a full day or ask us about our special offers on multi day work space.



Broaden your experience with tours of the surrounding regions.
Our team has curated some awe-inspiring tours into the bioregion. These include a blend of natural beauty and village life and provide you with a broad perspective of both ancient and traditional landscapes and cultural heritage.
Contact our team to book a half day or full day tour for groups or individuals. 



Enhance your image with our professional photo opportunities.
Our campus has grown from one bamboo plant into a magical bamboo forest garden that inspires both amateur and professional photographers alike.
Bring your props and your outfits or just come as you are to pose with a backdrop sure to enhance your family portrait album or social media posts.
Use of the venue is by donation.



Release tension with vibrational sound therapy.
Music has bound villages and communities together for centuries. We understand how people have lost a sense of balance and inherent health and this is a way to reconnect them to their own centre through sound. We offer group or individual sessions and each is facilitated by 3 or 4 musicians playing instruments such as bells, shakers, metalaphone, singing bowl, frame drum and flute, each resonating with a different frequency of your energetic field.


We welcome all school children to come and learn about the diversity of Auroville and its surrounds.
Mohanam offers a variety of programs and workshops that will inspire children to get creative with their hands, their bodies and their minds whilst getting in touch with nature and their social environment. Participants will meet Auroville international people and village people and learn about the valuable contribution of each and the importance of integration.
They will also learn a valuable crafts and life skills including: organic farming, sustainability, collaboration and reforestation, as well as crafts including: making bamboo products, candles, ceramics, marbling and paper lampshades.



Tour our Campuses and surrounding farms and forests.
Join us for a full day experience of Auroville and the surrounding villages.
Tours are either scheduled or bespoke and can include a visit to the magnificent Matrimandir, the ancient Shivan Temple in Irumbai, a tour of the Auroville Bamboo Centre,  Svaram musical instrument showroom, a guided walk of discovery to the temples and handicraft units.
Contact us for all the other incredible and diverse educational and inspiration tours we conduct. 


Send your children to a holistic camp for self development and care.
We have developed a range of youth-focused programs that form a uniquely creative ‘school away from school’ within our international community of Auroville.
Our classes, camps and workshops provide a cross-cultural experience where children learn experientially through activities that work on their minds, bodies and souls in a creative, natural environment conducive to learning, sharing, experimenting and collaborating. 
We can also offer a bespoke package for your school so please contact us to discuss your requirements and options.


Give your body the nurturing it wants.
We are gradually losing our connection with the true healing power of plants, herbs, sound and energy. In collaboration with traditional healers in the villages, we would like to reconnect you to the true source of healing and medicine.
Examples of our offerings are:
South Indian oil bath
Neem leaf healing
Country sprain therapy


Ground your being; stay on our land.
We have a selection of basic accommodation for you to choose from for a nature getaway. Stay in one of our bamboo huts or opt for a tent which we will erect for you in the bamboo forest. Common bathroom. Bedding is provided. Wifi is available only on the campus and food can be ordered from the campus restaurant.


Relax and let us host your parties here.

We can offer this beautiful nature venue for all your celebrations and, if required, we can offer catering too.
Rent the venue for  birthday parties to enjoy the bamboo forest and for the prefect backdrop for your event photographs.
We are here to support your planning process and prepare the space for your special occasion.

To book any of the below events, programs, workshops, accommodation and food, please contact us on:
 +91 8300949081 or

See our Instagram page for updates and events