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“A relationship that is not only cordial but friendly with the inhabitants of the neighboring village is absolutely indispensable. For the realization of Auroville the first step is to establish a true human fraternity—any shortcoming in this regard is a grave mistake which can compromise the whole work. My blessings are with all sincere effort towards harmony.”

The Mother, quote on villages, November 1969

Programs & Activities

Some of the important programs and activities of Mohanam
  • for bio regions school children

    field trip

    Alankuppam lake awareness field trip for bio regions school children

  • Tamil connection to Asia and the world


    Tamil connection to Asia and the world seminar

  • awakening program

    Auroshakthi women’s group

    Women's group from the nearby bio region villages mainly focused toward inner awakening of women to unleash their full potential

  • cultural exchange

    cultural exchange Program

    Cross cultural exchange

  • Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Program

    Over 18 years of children heritage kindergarten moving towards an integral day gurukulam model of education inspired by the traditional way of learning

  • Joint Activities


    Yearly pongal celebration

  • Students from MBA department-

    Internship Program

    Interns from MBA department- Pondicherry university

About us


Mohanam is a non-profit, non-governmental organization to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. It reflects the beauty, traditions, innovations and the continuing evolution of South Indian arts and culture. Mohanam Village Heritage Centre is the work and realization of a group of young men from the surrounding villages of Auroville, the universal city located near Pondicherry. Young Tamils from different villages created the heritage centre to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, the old and the young, between what is happening in Auroville and what is unfolding in the villages around.

Would you like to support Mohanam’s important work to preserve Tamil culture and create bridges of cultural exchange with the world?

Please become a benefactor with monthly or once-off contributions or through booking activities and tours on our sustainable business website.

Our Vision

Reviving traditions, empowering communities

To unlock the full potential of youth and women through art, craft , culture and traditional knowledge. By connecting the local villages to the international community and reconnecting the locals to their traditional knowledge.

There is ongoing and collaborative work regarding community welfare and development in Sanjeevinagar and Alankuppam villages near Auroville, where the Mohanam team, the village elders and the youths join hands to work towards a sustainable emotional environment.

The villages are steeped in a tremendous amount of ancient insight and knowledge and it is our mission to reignite the value that is part of our cultural heritage and that is so often overlooked by the youth and visitors as inferior to the modern alternatives that are slowly infiltrating and causing much of this ancient knowledge to be lost or forgotten. These programs will sustain the cultural centre whilst we pioneer an institute for nationwide cultural study to reawaken youth and inspire visitors to view tourism from a different perspective so that we can again celebrate the practices that have inherent wisdom.

Mohanam SDG Projects


Raj Mohan

Youth From Village


Women groups


Raj Mohan

Youth From Village



Video Testimonials

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Village group


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Awareness Program


Village Adminitrator

James Hobbs

exchange student

“A Testament to Our Efforts: See the Landscape Thrive Over the Years”



We are focused on coordinating opportunities and events for women and girls in the village and community.

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