We preserve, promote and present the rich cultural heritage of South India through curate permanent exhibits and a variety of public live programming. Some of these include:

  • Traditional local culture from different regions of South India have been purchased, dismantled and relocated at Mohanam  interact with typical village artisans and witness folk performances set in an authentic ambience. Mohanam literally means – The name Mohanam comes from one of the most harmonious ragas of Classical Indian Music, a raga being a musical melody material aimed at creating a certain mood and state of mind. The Mohanam raga evokes the power of fulfillment of our aspiration for beauty and harmony “
  • Learning based special activities for students and children (both rural and urban) are organized regularly to help increase their awareness and appreciation of the cultural heritage of tamilnadu
  • Craft shop and crafts bazaar: We network with a wide number of craftsmen, artisans, artists, Self Help Groups and NGOs to give their products a wider platform. We also offer design advice and marketing advice to interested groups to make their products competitive.
  • We organize workshops on craft & textiles, art and folk performances for students, children, adults and educators and encourage them to use traditional skills to meet contemporary needs.
  • We host regular cultural live performances at Mohanam and involve the performers in interactive programs and workshops to improve the quality of the performances. Through these efforts we strive to encourage them to continue with their art, improve the performances and to introduce them to a larger market Read
  • Experience the village environment in its natural
  • Mohanam Cultural Centre and observe their training methods with children
  • Observe artisans at work in the local craft units (pottery, candle-making, sculpting
  • Explore the village ecological habitats
  • Participate in village cultural festivals and learning center
  • Enjoy traditional cuisine – prepared and served in conventional village style

We organize collaborative International seminars to create platforms to sustain dialogue about issues of culture in our globalizing World

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