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The village of Sanjeevinagar was born when Hanuman, the monkey god, dropped part of the medicine mountain Sanjeevi. Through our Village Tour initiative, we open a gateway to the village so that you can enjoy an authentic village experience and celebrate our cultural heritage. Mohanam Centre for Culture and Heritage in Sanjeevinagar is a village heritage centre created to be a bridge between the traditional and the modern, the old and the young, between what is happening in Auroville and what is unfolding in the surrounding villages. If you want to find out the rest of the story and discover the village of this famous fable, choose one or all of the following tours according to what you would like to experience of the village. Come with your motorbike or bicycle to Lively Boutique, Kottakarai Plaza; we will guide you to the heart of the village where we will park our bikes and our superb guides will take you on a trip that will feed your senses and satisfy your desire to learn more about our Tamil culture on a walking tour of Sanjeevinagar and Allankupam. You will be given the famous One Village map as a souvenir to remind you of the places you visited and you will be able to purchase crafts at a discounted price if you choose to take a more substantial souvenir home with you.

Village Tours

Village Morning Tour

Spend a morning with us and learn about our village and our centre. After a traditional welcome at Mohanam, our guides will lead you through the magical and mysterious temples of Maariamman, Throwpathiamman, Ganesh, Veerappan and Gangaiamman. Absorb yourself in traditional crafts such as stone carving, ceramics and terracotta work that the village artisans have kept alive in our villages despite commercial competition outside, and watch them demonstrate their particular craft.The morning ends back at Mohanam with a delicious Tamil lunch after learning how to make a Kolam and watching the local village children show off their skills they have learnt at the centre.

Program Time
All meet together at Lively 9.30am
Traditional welcome at Mohanam 9.40am
Introduction about the village and Mohanam 9.50am
Village, temple and handicraft exploration 10.30am
A lesson in Kolam making 11.45am
Kids performance (music, folk and classical dance) 12pm
Traditional Tamil lunch 12.30 till 1pm

All inclusive cost per person     Rs 500

Village Evening Tour

Join us in the evening for a cool stroll through our traditional village to see the temples, chat to the locals, experience the warmth and community of our cultural centre and have all your questions answered by our experienced guides so that you can share our traditions, our legends and our customs with your friends and family. Help keep our traditions alive by allowing us to share our vast experience with you.

We return to Mohanam to teach you how to make a Kolam (a sacred mandala) and you will watch a performance by the children who attend classes at the centre. A delicious Tamil dinner will be served at the end of the evening and you can take the recipes home with you.

Program Time
Traditional welcome at Mohanam 4pm
Introduction about Village and Mohanam 4.30pm
Discovery walk around the village and temples 5.15pm
A lesson in Kolam making 5.45pm
Kids performance (music, folk and classical dance) 6.15pm
Traditional Tamil dinner 6.45 till 8pm

All inclusive cost per person     Rs 500

Auroville Village Experience

Join us for a full day experience of Auroville and the surrounding villages. We can fetch you from Pondy or Lively Boutique and start our tour with a visit to the magnificent Matrimandir, a tranquil place of contemplation. Our itinerary continues with a favourite temple for all visitors – the ancient Shivan Temple in Irumbai, which has a fascinating story that links Auroville to the villages and forms a spiritual bond between the people from such different cultural backgrounds. After this, we visit Auroville Bamboo Centre to inspire sustainable livelihood; Svaram to experience the magic of musical instruments, and Koffu, an organic vegan food shop.

The afternoon session, after a traditional lunch at Mohanam, will consist of a guided walk of discovery to the temples and handicraft units and an opportunity to contribute to the village through purchasing the traditional items made there, which make superb gifts.

We conclude with a feedback session, which is also an opportunity to digest the day’s wanderings by discussing the events and asking any outstanding questions that are important in your understanding of this cultural experience.


Program Time
All meet together at Pondy or Lively 9.30am
Visit Matrimandir view point 10am
Visit ancient Shivan temple - Irumbai 11.15am
Visit Auroville Bamboo Centre, Svaram and Koffu 12pm
Traditional lunch at Mohanam 1pm
Watch a short movie on the temple fire walk 2pm
Guided village tour of temples and handicraft units 2.30pm
Feedback and question session 4.30 till 5pm


All inclusive cost per person     Rs 750

Village Artisan Experience

Auroville is an incubator that enables the development of village crafts, their artisans and the artists who create in the villages surrounding Auroville. There is a hub of small-scale manufacturers in the villages of Kottakarai, Alankuppam and Sanjeevinagar who produce traditional products for Auroville and for the world. These are imaginative designs produced ethically and with a respect for quality and the preservation of the traditional craftsmanship.

The desire and cultural necessity to keep these crafts alive is what forms the foundation for the One Village Project, which has had a profound effect on improving how the local village people perceive their craft and their value in the awareness and preservation of our cultural heritage.

Please join us on a tour of these projects, meet the artisans and share lunch with us in the village where you will be treated to traditional fare and an opportunity to further immerse yourself in our culture. Your participation in this tour as well as in our classes in the next section, will help ensure the support and promotion of these crucial crafts and handicraft units.

Program Time
All meet together at Lively 10am
Travel to location 10.15am
Visit of the Craft units (leather, ceramics, hammock) 10.30am
Lunch at village restaurant 12.30 till 1pm


All inclusive cost per person     Rs 500

Auroville Bioregion Tour

Join our experienced guides on a cultural discovery and exploration of the traditional villages of Munnur and Perumukkal.

We begin by fuelling our energy with a delicious and nutritious meal at a village home before wandering along the village lanes to see clay pots being fired by the roadside. This important part of the cultural tour helps ensure the continuation and development of this traditional craft.

Experience something unique with a visit to a 1500-year-old Catholic church and ancient temples from bygone eras.After a day of cultural absorption, we end the day climbing rocks to a hilltop that houses Perumukkal’s 12th-Century temple, where we gather for tea and you have the opportunity to meditate while the sun sets over the magnificent Kaluveli landscape.

Program Time
All meet at Lively Boutique 11.45am
Travel together to Munnur 12pm
Enjoy lunch with a village family 1pm
Excursion around the village 2pm
Travel to Perumukkal 4pm
Clime to the Perumukkal temple for sunset 4.30pm
Travel Back to Auroville 6 till 6.45pm

We need a minimum of 5 people to operate this tour 

All inclusive cost per person     Rs 750