mohanamThe spirit of Tamil village was developed by the Mohanam Centre for Culture and Heritagein an effort to share the experience of village life with those who are interested in gaining an insight into the local heritage and traditions from Tamil Nadu or, more generally, in understanding Indian village life.It brings both local and global culture together, building a connection between the villagers and those who visit.

The workshops will take place in Mohanam Centre for Culture and Heritage, a beautiful 100 year old building in Sanjeevinagar. The theoretical content that we will teach in the morning can be used practically in the afternoon on our daily excursions to the neighbouring villages and the bioregion of Auroville.

For afternoon excursions, we will take you by bus to the relevant places or we will walk through the villages and our experienced guides will explain things to you and answer all your questions.You also have the opportunity to stay with local families in their houses in the village.Breakfast is with your host family; for lunch and dinner we will gather as a group at Mohanam.

Allow yourself to be guided through this experience by local people who grew up in the surrounding villages and who have a deep knowledge of local culture; guides who are eager to introduce youto a basic understanding of the village structure, religion, traditions and customs.