Mohanam Performing Arts Youth Group

Mohanam firmly believes that young people play a significant role in addressing social issues and that a space should be provided for self-expression among them. We see art and cultural expression as a key medium for promoting the positive impact youth have on the world.

We involve young people, provide them with a space where their energy and creativity can be channeled in a background that promotes the brotherhood and solidarity between them and at the same time, make them conscious of the problems that are a human responsibility, through inviting them to take part in an activity to discover our culture and traditions.

The group’s programs

The group through their arts and culture activities not only preserves the original culture but also raises awareness about social issues like HIV/AIDS, health, labor and employment, indigenous rights, sustainable development and agriculture, peace building, human rights, youth culture, empowerment and environment education.

Our performing youth group consists of young boys and girls from the rural village backgrounds. Though they may be from under-privileged sections of the community and without much education, they possess knowledge and skill in their native arts and culture which makes them outstanding from other youths.

The group is led by a Tamil Aurovillian Balasundaram, who is a cultural activist and a youth leader. The boys’ wing of the group performs original Tamil folk dances Kolattam and Thappattam. The group has been trained well in the Tamil Martial art Silambam. They also perform the traditional Tamil folk theatre art Therukoothu .

The girls’ wing performs the classical dance, Bharatnatyam and the folk dances Karagaattam and Kummi.

Seasonally, the group gives dance presentations in Auroville and other parts of the country. The group has also started participating and performing cultural and theatre festivals in other parts of the country.