donationIn February 2004 Mohanam started a Kindergarten project called Mohanam Kindergarten with a strong emphasis on a creative and child-centered approach, taking the experience of modern child psychology and new pedagogical methods.

Aim and Objective:

Not only providing educational facilities for preschool children but also continuing to stay in touch with the best of the traditional ways of loving care inner guidance is what makes the difference in the Mohanam kindergarten in contrast to the government pre-school places that are available.

The aim is to give the children a firm base to be able to develop the necessary faculties for an independent and progress-oriented life.

The main objectives are as follows

  • To provide hygienic and safe conditions for study
  • To stimulate a creative environment
  • To care for the health and provide nutritious food for the body awareness and proper functioning
  • To introduce modern play way teaching methods
  • To encourage parents communication and form a parents association with monthly meetings.


kids3There is a clear structural frame work and rhythm for the children. Our teachers are trained in Auroville. It is a bilingual kindergarten with emphasis on music and cultural approach. From 2004, every year the number of children increased of average of 70 and currently 80children are offered education. Mohanam provides special care for orphan children, Father or Motherless children, Farmer’s children and the children from the below poverty line by providing free education with nutrition and health care. Most of the children’s parents work in Auroville. Many of them are daily wage laborers.

kids2With creative teaching methods, the children find it easy and fun to learn. Special training is also provided for teachers for offering more creative teaching methods to the children. All religious and non-religious festivals are celebrated at Mohanam and the children dance, sing and show their talents.