mohanamMohanam Community Centre is housed in one of the oldest houses in the Auroville bioregion village Sanjeevi nagar. It is 90 years old, space for many Tamizh wedding arranged in the past. It’s made up of lime powder and Bharma teak. We have facilitated to inspire local tradition, village experience for the visitor.

Guest house


You might want to linger longer in the period setting at. Find retreat at our well appointed and aesthetic traditional simple guest room at very reasonable rates. Dormitory facilities are also available.

Mohanam welcomes individual guests for a minimum of 1 day and guest groups for a minimum of longer days stay — sufficient time for a meaningful experience of learning and reflection, connection with others and exploring the unique international township of Auroville. And village experience

Activity hall

activityActivity hall   very Grateful for the offer of the Mohanam, to utilize children and youth to support, sponsor and help to realize a multi-functional activity offered by Mohanam programs.

Youth link program

Are invited to participate in Mohanam’s youth link program

  • Every Wednesday youth sharing circle and dosa evening at 7 pm to 8.00 pm
  • Sunday local special brunch by local youth, you can meet children and youth for AV and local
  • Every Saturday movie from 7.00 pm
  • Wednesday: Music, moment and sound healing journey by Jeremy, Balu&Friends 30pm to 6.30pm

 Lively Boutique specializes in displaying a wide variety of crafts from local artisans which do not appear in other Auroville boutiques, as well as ready-made clothing and hand-made jewellery and craft items from their own workshop.  The boutique in cooperation with the Kolam Project promotes and sells the products that are designed and created by the women that take part in the project. It is also home for the tailoring section of the Auroville Free Store, a service for Aurovillans