Arts Class

Arts Class

To provide week end classes for the children and the youths on the chosen genres like Traditional street theatre, Traditional stick dance, Tamil original music, Tamil folk dance, Traditional martial art, Body movement work, Sculpturing, Drawing and Yoga. These classes will open a window for these students to develop their creative knowledge and skills and also reconnecting them with their traditional root. At present we have 60 children from the villages around the Auroville’s Bioregion. These students have been learning in this centre for the past 4 years. Every year there are more than 100 children are benefiting from this project. Each year we are receiving more than 60 children from the surrounding villages of Auroville.

Price: Rs 1000
All prices displayed are per night for the entire cabin.

Sleeps: 4
Pine Cabin has 2 rooms each with a king size bed. 

Electricity: Yes
Pine Cabin uses the latest in Solar Technology. 

Kitchen: Yes
Pine Cabin features a fully functional kitchen including: 

fridge with freezera wood fired stovekettletoaster


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