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Women Empowerment

Empowering women economically, making them self dependent, fulfilling their needs without depending on the male breadwinners of their families is the main objective for the formation of Mohanam women’s group. Known as Mohanam Malargal House, it was started on 13th February 2006 with 24 women from Sanjeevi Nagar and surrounding villages. The women are trained in skills like tailoring, embroidery and fabric painting. Besides, they participate in workshops through which they learn leadership skills and self defense. Kolam, the traditional art form of Tamil culture and landscape, with their orderly and often highly symmetrical designs has been brought to the fabrics by Mohanam through a project “Kolam Arts”. Today some of the village women who have been offered training in hand embroidery make beautiful Kolam patterns on fabrics which are made into bags, pouches, purses and belts. Kolam is a local art, performed daily by women decorating their doorsteps with chalk drawn traditional geometric mazes. This project is now providing employment for a small group of village women and continues to grow.

Price: Rs 1000
All prices displayed are per night for the entire cabin.

Sleeps: 4
Pine Cabin has 2 rooms each with a king size bed. 

Electricity: Yes
Pine Cabin uses the latest in Solar Technology. 

Kitchen: Yes
Pine Cabin features a fully functional kitchen including: 

fridge with freezera wood fired stovekettletoaster