Marbling and Paper Lampshades

ABOUT Marbling and Paper Lampshades

Paper marblingis an intricate and beautiful art form. This class will be with a craft unit that not only will teach you the skill involved in marbling paper but will then show you how to use the piece of paper you have marbled to create a handmade lampshade that you can take home with you once it has dried enough; if not, we can send it on to you or you will be able to take something from the craft unit instead.

Price: Rs 1000
All prices displayed are per night for the entire cabin.

Sleeps: 4
Pine Cabin has 2 rooms each with a king size bed. 

Electricity: Yes
Pine Cabin uses the latest in Solar Technology. 

Kitchen: Yes
Pine Cabin features a fully functional kitchen including: 

fridge with freezera wood fired stovekettletoaster


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