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Kolams are geometric designs applied with rice flour at the entrance to a home as a symbol of auspiciousness. It is mostly a South Indian tradition, practiced widely in Tamil Nadu and there are specific kolams attributed to the various deities. The reason for using rice flour is that we are providing food for the ants and other small insects – in Indian philosophy, there is a concept of living in harmony with creatures around you. We will begin by showing you a short introductory movie about Kolam making, after which the lesson will begin and you will learn how to make basic designs with rice flour. If you would like to continue this tradition by making them at home, there are pattern books available to buy. We will then show you how to wear a dhoti (men) and a sari (women) and it you like the way you look, there will be a selection available at Mohanam or Lively Boutique for you to choose from. We end the morning with a traditional lunch at Mohanam.